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How often should I wash my  hair extensions?

When hair feels heavy or once a month.



What is the length of  Vanity Stylz hair ?

Vanity Stylz hair length is 12-28 inches



What is the quality of Vanity Stylz Hair?

Premium Quality 100% Virgin 



How to choose the right shade of hair ?

Hair only comes in one shade which is natural, 1B

Hair can be colored or lifted



How is  Vanity Stylz Hair different?

Minimal shedding.
Has not been chemically altered or treated 
Can be colored 
.Premium quality 100%Virgin and luxuriously soft 
Virtually no Tangling
.Can be straightened and curled
.Easily blended with most hair textures 
Each bundle weighs approximately 3.22 to 3.5 ounces...
 With proper maintenance, moisturizing, shampoo and conditioner your hair will last up to six months to a year or more!!!


Do Vanity Stylz have a return policy or exchange policy?

You can return unopened bundles within two weeks of purchase.



How do I make an Exchange/Return?

Contact us 



How long does shipping usually take?

5-7 Business Days



How may I contact you?

You may email or call us


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